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  • Foligain Hair & Scalp Roller


    This microneedling roller is designed to help stimulate the hair and scalp to aid the appearance of hair thinning in men and women.

    • STIMULATES HAIR & SCALP – This titanium needle roller is designed to help naturally stimulate the hair and scalp in a safe way to promote collagen production and help with thinning hair.
    • 540 TITANIUM MICRONEEDLES – Each hair and scalp derma roller contains 540 high-quality and painless titanium microneedles for optimum use.
    • 0.25MM LENGTH – Each microneedle is 0.25mm in length, the ideal size to safely roll over the skin and stimulate the scalp without causing pain or scarring.
    • AIDS PRODUCT ABSORPTION – This titanium roller is ideal for use alongside your favourite hair thinning products, creams and serum and aims to increase the absorption so you can make the most of them!
    • FOR MEN & WOMEN – The Foligian Hair and Scalp Roller can be used by both men and women alike suffering from different degrees of thinning hair.